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enescaT. 93 445 65 65

Dr. Josep Novell

Surgery / Implantology - Col. Nº 30628 COMB and 3279 COEC


Dr Josep Novell has a Bachelor´s degree in Medicine and Surgery, a Bachelor´s degree in Dentistry, and a Doctor of Medicine degree from Barcelona University. He completed his training by specialising in general and digestive system surgery at Barcelona Autònoma University.

He has worked in private practice, focusing on the areas of implantology, oral surgery, and periodontology, since 1999, and is now one of the most distinguished and respected dentists in Catalonia. He also works as a general and digestive system surgeon at Sant Pau Hospital (Barcelona Autònoma University).

After completing his university studies, Dr Novell went on to further his training in oral implantology in the USA, Belgium and Germany. He has given oral implantology courses in Spain and abroad, and has been invited to speak as a guest lecturer on Master and postgraduate programmes in oral implantology and periodontology at universities across the country on numerous occasions.

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