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Facial aesthetic medicine

The elasticity of your skin

The clinic uses Smartdrivity™ technology, which combats sagging skin and restores the elasticity of your face painlessly and with immediate, long-lasting results. At HB Clinic we offer you the most effective treatments for tightening and firming your facial skin.

Medicina estética facial

Elasticidad en tu piel

La clínica cuenta con la tecnología SmartdrivityTM, con la que conseguirás combatir la flacidez con unos resultados duraderos y recuperarás la elasticidad de tu rostro de manera inmediata e indolora. En Clínica HB podrás conseguirlo mediante las técnicas más eficaces.

Thread lifts

Thread lifts for tightening facial skin have become highly popular, as they are extremely effective and provide immediate results. They do not require surgery, and keep your skin firm and young looking.

Radio frequency facial treatments

The main purpose of radio frequency facials is to tighten sagging skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin to keep you looking younger naturally. 

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