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Facial aesthetic surgery

A nose in proportion to your face

You can now choose to improve your image and reshape your nose to suit your face. HB can offer you the personalised solution you have been looking for. 

Cirugía estética facial

Una nariz en armonía con tu cara

Conseguir una nariz acorde con tu rostro y que mejore tu imagen está en tus manos. HB te ofrece la solución personalizada que estabas buscando.


Rhinoplasty reconstructs the form of the nose to create a natural looking nose that is in harmony with the rest of your face. It is performed through incisions inside the nose to ensure you will not have any scars.


Nose surgery is also performed to correct both aesthetic and health problems. In these cases Hepler Bone performs septorhinoplasty surgery, which combines structural corrections with aesthetic benefits.

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