T. 93 445 65 65
T. 93 445 65 65

Our team of highly-qualified professionals

Hepler Bone Clinic´s greatest asset is its team of highly-qualified professionals. We have a specialist for each area, and our whole team is committed to delivering high-quality personalised dental care that is unrivalled in Barcelona.

  • Dr. Josep Novell

    Col. Nº 30628 COMB and 3279 COEC
    Surgery / Implantology

    A leading expert in implantology, oral surgery, and periodontology.

  • Dr. Fulvia Kucharski

    Col. Nº 5163 COEC
    Cosmetic dentistry

    Cosmetic and restorative dentistry to create your perfect smile.

  • Dr. Sonia Carazo

    Col. Nº 2025 COEC

    Specialist in invisible orthodontics.

  • Dr. Mireia Alcaraz

    Col. Nº 6164 COEC
    General dentistry

    Dental director. Endodontics and cosmetic dentistry expert.

  • Dr. Josep Maria Caussa

    Col. Nº 41903 COMB
    Aesthetic medicine

    Aesthetic medicine and facial rejuvenation expert.

  • Dr. Antonio Munilla

    Col. Nº 4319 COEC

    An expert prosthodontist who will give you the smile you always wanted.

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